This is a listing of the hobby shops I frequent online.  I have made a purchase from everyone that is listed.

Hobby Search (Japan)

Fujimi, Aoshima, Tamiya, lots of Japan Domestic Market kits.  Very fast shipping.

HobbyLinc (USA)

Good source of paints, plus Tamiya, Revell of Germany, & Italari kits.

Micro-Surface (USA)

Sanding & Polishing Kits

Hiroboy (United Kingdom)

 Photo-etch for Fujimi, Tamiya kits, plus Model Factory Hiro, Aoshima, etc.

HobbyLink (Japan)

Fujimi, Aoshima, Tamiya, etc.

Frontline Hobbies (AUS)

A place in N.S.W that has Models, decals, photo-etch for trucks & cars

Scale Automobilia (AUS)

A place in N.S.W that has lots of resin kits & unique Aussie models

Mr. Models (NZ) Hobby Shop in New Zealand that has Resin Truck stuff
Spaulding Trading & Shipping Truck models & Accessories
Models For Sale (UK)  
Mega Hobby (USA)  
Star Ship Modeler Star ships (Star Trek, Lost in Space, Battlestar, etc. )Decals
Australian Model Truck Supplies Located in Beerwah QLD Australia
Moduni (GER)  

Model Parts & other stuff

Oakridge Hobbies

Scale Lumber

Detail Master Photo-etch, decals, etc.
Scale Equipment LTD  
Model Car World Finishes  
Richard Stacey Small Scale bricks, rocks, etc. 
Testors Paints, models, etc.
Resin Realm Resin kits
Auto Atomix Machined Aluminum parts
Model Builders Supply Doll house supplies
Model Car Garage photo-etch, metal, decals, accessories
Red Frog Hobbies Humbrol paints, models, bare metal foil.
Mr. Model Precision Parts Brazil, photo-etched & machined wheels, emblems, etc.
Time Machine Resin  
Kit form Services Truck stuff from England

Model Company web sites

Round 2 (aka AMT/ERTL)

Cars, some trucks.


Cars, trucks, planes, space, etc.

Revell of Germany

Cars, Trucks, Planes, Ships, etc.


Mostly Trucks, some cars


Cars especially Ferraris


Cars Mostly, lots of Skylines


Tamiyas' USA site.


The great English kit maker is back

Heller It's Back!

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