This page is devoted to our rabbit, Leah, who we had to put to sleep December 22, 2016.

Leah was a blue ribbon awarded mini rex that we got from the Montgomery County fair in August of 2006.  Yes, that is right, 2016!  Leah lived to be over 11 years old!  She was a great little bunny who felt she was the queen of the house. We named her after Princess Leia of Star Wars fame but spelled her name differently.

We started out with a small little water dish for her. She preferd to toss in the air.  We eventually upgraded to a very large metal dish that she had a bit of trouble tossing about. 

Bringing Leah home.  These are pictures of her when we first got her in the house. To make sure she was calm we had her in a cage

for a couple of days until she got used to the surroundings, then we let her have the full run of the house.