This page is devoted to our cat, Luke, who died peacefully at home June 15, 2015.

Luke lived a fun filled, very long life.  We first got him from PetSmart in 2000 as a rescue, and he was a fully grown cat then, so he was at least 17 years old. The vet put his age at some where around 18 when he finally passed.

Luke was a fun cat. He would get these expressions on his face like the one below that seems to say, "You talking to me?"  He had "attitude."  We felt it as a bit of pride that his Vets record had a big red sticker on it that warned them of the Luke!  He would growl, hiss, and attempt to remove their hands, but as one vet remarked, "You little sh*t, his heart was not even beating fast!  So it was  all for show :-)

He had a favorite game he liked to play with our other dog, Chewie (passed in 2007) where Luke would sit on the coffee table and when Chewie walked by Luke would bat down at him with his paw.  We called it "fishing for the dog" and it was quite fun to watch.  Of course Chewie had thick fur so this did not hurt him, just annoy him.  Chewie would stop, look around and start barking at Luke.  Luke would do a Pirouette where he would stand up on his back legs and spin around heading the opposite direction.  He would walk away with a very satisfied look on his face.

There was the ever popular "kill the sock game" at bedtime where I would rub his tummy with my foot (encased in a sock).  He would attempt to get the sock off my foot, it was great fun.  Especially the day he actually succeeded in getting the sock!  He walked around with that sock for the rest of the night and most of the next day, he was so happy he got it.

Luke and our rabbit Leia were bestest buddies.  They would play the "catch me if you can" game where Luke would chase the rabbit down the hallway.  This was usually instigated by Leia, she wold play the "Ring around the Predator" game where she would run around Luke until he "paid attention" to her.

Once early on when they were playing the "Catch Me" game Laura my wife was concerned that Luke may have remembered he was a predator.  I assured her they were just playing.  About that time we heard a crash where they both had ran into the door at the end of the hallway, and then a few seconds later Luke came running into the living room with Leia chassing him!

There are many other stories I could relate to you all, but let's just say that Luke was very well taken care of, he had buddies in Leia, Chewie, Hans (another rabbit that passed in 2005), Teddy (our new dog), and Ben (the guinea pig) and he will be remembered and missed.