This page is devoted to our Dog, Teddy, who died peacefully at home January 20, 2020.

Teddy lived a fun filled, very long life.  We first got her from PetSmart on November 9, 2011 as a rescue from bourbon county Kentucky. How or why she showed up at the PetSmart in Germantown Maryland is a real mystery. She was about a year old then and when we took her home she was not afraid at all. I remember we both had to go to work the next day and when we came home Teddy had found all the pet toys in the house and had stacked them on the end of the couch. So there she was when we came home, surrounded by every toy in the house, with a very satisfied and happy look on her face.

She would follow me around all the time. Whenever I got up early in the morning she would show up a few minutes later to lay down next to me. After I put her outside and fed her of course. She always insisted on having a "greenie" treat after I let her back in as well. It was a ritual, I would let her out and then when she would come inside, she would go to the closet where the greenies were located and bark and wag her tail until I gave her one. 

She would be my model building companion because she would come downstairs with me when I went to work on them and sleep in the pet bed I had down there or on the couch. I will miss her being around me and always being happy on seeing me come home. Rest easy Teddy, you were a really good dog.

Teddy & Coco in Arizona, 2019