This page is devoted to my dog, Chewie, who I had to put to sleep March 09, 2007.

I came home one January day about 14 years ago and saw this dog sitting on my front porch. At first I thought it was my other dog that I had left out all day.

I went to reach for the dog, saying "I'm sorry.." when he tried to bite me then fell off the porch.

He was cold, hungry, and abused and I did not know how long he had been out in the elements.

I finally got the poor dog inside the house and sat him down in front of some food and water.

He was so weak that he ate the food laying down. I didn't think he would last the night, but he did and was a great dog ever since that night.

He was a very smart dog too. Once I was outside working on my car and he had jumped through the screen door (it did not have a screen on it). I got the dog and told him that he "could not jump through the front door. It was okay for him to jump through the back door, (it also didn't have a screen.) but he couldn't jump through the front again. And you know what, Chewie never jumped through the front door again! The back door screen he would not even hesitate to go through, but the front was off limits for jumping through!

There are other stories I could tell, but I won't. He will be missed and remembered as a wonderfully loyal companion and friend. He was a great fun loving dog, always greeting me at the door and happy to see me. He will be sadly missed. here are some pictures of him in happier times.